Referee Recertification for 2018

The 2018 Referee Recertification Classes Have Been Posted on

​All referees MUST recertify ANNUALLY

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​All registered referees MUST recertify for 2018 by attending one of the 2018 Recertification classes.  We do not offer any online only recertifications for Grade 8,7,6,5,13,15.  If you have missed more than 1 year of recertifying, you must retake the entry level grade 8 class over again in its entirety.

Grade 8 referees will attend one class.  Grade 7, 5, 6,13,15 will attend a different class. All classes have an am or pm session, unless noted differently. 

Grade 9 referees will recertify online for 2018, unless emailed otherwise.  The Grade 9 Recertification test can be taken at any time, but must be completed prior to the April 30 deadline.  The test is in you account when you register and pay for your recertification.

No full refunds are given.  If you cannot attend the class for any reason, you will be refunded only the USSF registration cost less a $5 administrative charge.  Your class fee and administrative charge is non-refundable.  Your registration for the class demonstrates your agreement and understanding of this policy.


2018 Grade 8 Recertification Class   
2018 Grade 6,7,13,15 Recertification Class 
Date Location   Date Location  
Dec 16, 2017  EAST BRUNSWICK am session only   Dec 16, 2017  EAST BRUNSWICK pm session only
Dec 27, 2017  EAST BRUNSWICK        
Jan 6, 2018  CHERRY HILL        
Jan 7, 2018  TOMS RIVER        
Jan 13, 2018  EAST WINDSOR        
Jan 14, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK pm session only   Jan 14, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK am session only
Jan 20, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK        
Jan 21, 2018  HASBROUCK HEIGHTS        
Jan 27, 2018  CHERRY HILL        
Jan 28, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK        
Feb 3, 2018  BUDD LAKE        
Feb 10, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK        
Feb 11, 2018  HASBROUCK HEIGHTS        
Feb 17, 2018  CHERRY HILL        
Feb 18, 2018  HASBROUCK HEIGHTS        
Feb 24, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK pm session only   Feb 24, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK am session only
Mar 3, 2018  EAST BRUNSWICK        
Mar 4, 2018  BUDD LAKE