Referees Officiating Games in New Jersey

Reporting of Apparent Serious Injuries


It is VERY important that we make a note of any apparent serious injuries on our game cards (or whatever mechanism we use to report our games to the League/Competition Authority that we are playing our match under).  

You must send the reports in promptly.



For information on requirements for out-of-state referees or assignors to work in NJ:

Request to work in NJ policy

All out-of-state OFFICIALS must fill out fill out one of these forms, as directed by their NJ assignor:

OFFICIAL's Approval by Home SRC form 

OFFICIAL's Request for Approval form 


The New Jersey assignor will use this form to submit a batch of multiple officials to another state:

NJ Assignor's Request for Batch Approval form


All out-of-state assignors must fill out this form and submit a copy to each NJ competition authority:

Assignor's Request form