Regional Emeritus Re-Certification

The 2020 Emeritus Referee Re-Certification Course includes the following:

 • Attend Emeritus Referee Re-Certification class - 12/15/2019 or 1/18/2020

 • Grass Roots Quiz
 • Safe and Healthy Playing Environment 
 • US Soccer NCSI Background Check ($30) – valid for two years
 • Safe Sport Training (Free) – Required by federal law

**Badges for re-certifying referees will be handed out at the end of class.**

DETAILS: The 2020 Emeritus Referee Re-Certification course consists of a classrooms session and online courses. You can complete all assignments on the Assignment tab of the course. 

Step 1: Create a Profile at US Soccer Referee Learning Center

 • Sign up as a “new user” and your registration history will be imported from US Soccer automatically. Information MUST be EXACTLY as in your account (name, address, email...).  You can update your contact information after you connect your account.
 • Email must be unique to each user. 

 Step 2: Complete the US Soccer NCSI Background Check (if 18 or older) ($30)

 • Valid for two years. 
 • Takes 7-10 days to clear. Your background check must be cleared before you can sign up for ANY class. 
 • We do not accept any other background checks. 

 Step 3: Register for 2020 Emeritus Re-Certification ($95)

 • Choose Courses (at the top) 
 • Choose Emeritus Re-Certification (on the left, under Supplemental Courses, Emeritus, Regional) 
 • Click on Course Details to register and pay 

 Step 4: Complete All 3 Assignments posted in your Assignments Tab

 I. Grass Roots Quiz 
 II. Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments 
 III. Safe Sport Certification (if 18 or older) (Free) 
 • Access Code: Code will be supplied when you take the certification
 • When asked, select U.S. Soccer as the Member Organization on the drop down menu. 
 • If you have already completed Safe Sport training, log in to your account, click on the Menu in the top left corner, Update Account, change tab to Profile, scroll down and ensure US Soccer is listed under Memberships. If not, just add it. 
• Estimated time to complete is 2-2.5 hours. 

 Step 5: Download the IFAB Laws of the Game (LOTG) 

 • The LOTG are also available as an app on both Android and iOS. 
 • It is not required to print the LOTG document. 

 • If you would like to listen to a recording of one of the NJSRC presented 2019-2020 changes in the Laws webinars it may be viewed at