UPDATED: Looking for an Assignor

Remember that you are an independent contractor and need to contact assignors with your availability.


The list of assignors has been updated to include contact information as well as the leagues/clubs/towns/tournaments that each assigns.  Click the link below to open the list as an Excel file.

This list is to be used solely for the purpose of contacting Assignors to enable referees to work games.  Any use other than as prescribed without the written approval of the NJSRC is forbidden.”


If you need League information and are looking for assignors, click on one of the links below to find the contact information for the youth leagues in New Jersey.


Find a Competitive Youth Soccer Assignor


Find a Recreation Soccer Competition



Find a Futsal-Beach-Indoor Soccer Competition

Duties and Responsibilities of the Referee and Assistant Referee

 Duties and Responsibility of the Referee and Assistant Referee

Pre Game Conference Template

One of the critical items in having a successful match is having a pregame conference with the referee team. Each member of the team needs to know what will happen in given situations to insure that those situations are dealt with properly.

The below link is an outline of the minimum topics that should be contained in your Pre Game Conference. Remember, this is just the beginning template. As you move forward, your Pre Game should and will include more information based upon experiences you had during your games.

Pre Game Conference Template 

How to Write a Misconduct Report

If you display a yellow or red card for misconduct during your game, you must do the paperwork!

The paperwork is as much a part of the game as calling fouls. Team, coach, and player discipline cannot be done properly unless you turn in ALL misconduct reports promptly and correctly.

Why bother click here 

Futsal and Indoor Certification and Recertification

All referees must recertify ANNUALLY

2020 Certification and Recertification Classes

You must be a grade 8 or higher referee to be eligible for our Futsal and Indoor certifications. 

No full refunds are given.  If you cannot attend the class for any reason, you will be refunded only the USSF registration cost less a $5 administrative charge.  Your class fee and administrative charge is non-refundable.  Your registration for the class demonstrates your agreement and understanding of this policy.

Futsal Re-certfication classes are now posted for registration.  You must register thru your njsrc.gameofficials.net account. 

Futsal Re-Certification

No prerequisite work/test needed.  

All tests will be administered in class.

Sunday 11/17/19 Cherry Hill

Sunday 12/8/19 East Brunswick


Futsal Entry Level

No prerequisite work required.  All material will be presented at the class.


Saturday 12/7/19 Old Bridge Office


<<<Futsal Laws of the Game>>>




Indoor Recertification and Certification classes
All work is completed ONLINE only.
2020 Indoor is now posted at njsrc.gameofficials.net.  You will only be given 2 opportunities to take the test.
You must be a registered referee before taking the indoor certification.