2020 Assignors

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2020 NJ GRASSROOTS Registered Officials

2020 NJ Regional and Emeritus Registered Officials

list updated 8/11/2020

Please note that only certified USSF Referee Assignors will have access to this list. Also remember that you may not sell or otherwise transmit any directory of currently registered referees to any outside third party without the express written approval of the US Soccer Referee Committee and its Board of Directors.


To be granted direct access to the database of NJSRC Certified Referees assignors must be certified for the current year as a NJ Competitive Youth Soccer assignor or a NJ Adult assignor. Non-certified assignors and coordinators for recreation, indoor, or beach soccer or for futsal may request a list of appropriate referees by contacting the Referee Office.

Assignors may assign those referees listed on the NJSRC Registered Referee Game Officials Database (see Game Officials). To assign referees certified in another state, the referee and assignor must follow the NJ Out-of-State Referee Policy found on our home page.

Assignor Recertification 2018

Select the link below to review the 2018 Assignor's Recertificaiton Power Point Presentation

2018 Assignor's Recertification

Message From The State Youth Referee Administrator

DATE: On Going

To:  All New Jersey Assignors

From: Dan Paolini, State Youth Referee Administrator

Subject: Assignor Responsibilities
  1. When assigning a referee/assistant referee to a match, tell them what League and what association the teams are playing in for this match. 
  1. Tell them if it is a Cup and what association the match is being played under.
  1. Tell them the rules of competition for the match 
  1. Review the USSF Administrative Handbook on “Game Priority in Referee Appointments” on page 44.
  1. Appointment of League Board Members to Cup matches should be avoided to prevent any appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.