2010 Assessor Recertification and Registration

To: All New Jersey Assessors
From: Alan Brown

Re: 2010 Assessor Recertification and Registration

January 1, 2010
Happy New Year to all.

As of September 1, 2009 all assessments for U-17, U-18, U-19, and Adult games must be completed on-line. Therefore Assessor recertification for 2010 will be a two part process.


Four sessions of three hours each will be held in the Referee office in Old Bridge to teach you the new system. The first two will explain the USSF directives with respect to assessment, the grading system requirements and whether a game meets the standard for a ratable game. The last two sessions will cover the actual assessment forms and how to complete the assessment. 

You must attend one session of each the two parts. If you do not, you will not be registered as an assessor for the 2010.

The dates for the sessions are:
Part 1 -
Monday – January 25
Tuesday – March 2

Part 2 -
Wednesday – January 27
Thursday – March 4

All sessions start at 7:30 pm.

Assessors who only assess games below that level must attend one of the two sessions devoted to the directives of the USSF with respect to assessment. The only form that you will use in your assessments is the USSF Developmental Form. Assessors who assess U-17 and higher games will use the on-line USSF assessment form.

Call the office (732-607-1374) or e-mail me to let me know which sessions you will attend.

Assessors doing on-line assessments need to bring your lap top to the second session. If you do not have one, please alert me in advance so that I may have one of the NJSRC lap tops for you to use. Note – the number of available lap tops is VERY limited.

At the conclusion of the second session you will need to pay the registration fee of:

Grade 5 and 6         -         $85.00
Grade 7                  -         $55.00
Grade 9                  -         $50.00

Obviously if you attended the sessions in July and August of 2009, you have already recertified.


Download the pertinent documents (Unified Grading System for Match Official Performance, Expectations for Referee Performance by Grade Level and Ratable Game / Sufficient Test Policy) found under the Assessor section of the New Jersey State Referee Committee (www.njrefs.com) home page and review them before session.

Alan Brown