Assessment Request Form

Grassroot referees:

No assessments are required, nor will be required to maintain your grade level.  Therefore, requests for assessment will not be accepted, except as below...


Grassroot Referees looking to upgrade to Regional Referee:

Among the requirements to be promoted from Grassroots Referee to Regional Referee are 2 assessments “with the whistle” and 1 assessment “on the line”.  These upgrade assessments must be on Adult games (one may be at the highest youth level, U18 or U19), and will ONLY be done AFTER you have documented the minimum game count for promotion – 50 Adult games as Referee, and 25 Adult games as Assistant Referee.


Current Regional Referees:

Among the requirements to recertify as a Regional Referee are 2 assessments “with the whistle”.  These upgrade assessments must be on Adult games (one may be at the highest youth level, U18 or U19).


All assessments (and other requirements) must be completed in the registration "season" prior…  for example, requirements for your 2021 badge must be met prior to July 1st, 2020. 


The NJSRC will continue to cover the cost of required assessments (for upgrade or for maintenance).  Should a referee require additional assessments (due to failing an assessment, or the match not being a suitable test of the referee’s abilities), the referee will need to pay for those additional assessments.


Should there be any questions about Assessments, please reach out to:


Consalvo Turchi – SDA –

Marc Block – SRA –

To request an assessment complete the Assessment form (link below) and email to the SDA ( with a copy to the NJSRC Office (

Referee Assesment Request Form

Assessor Development Guidance Forms and Instruction

Assessors, the links below will access the instruction for Development and Guiandance as well as the required forms, click the links below:

Development and Guidance Instruction

Development and Guidance Forms